Transition Coming…

Over the next series of blog posts, we will tell the story of the last few months for our family.  The Lord has called us to take a series of faith steps that were a little uncomfortable but as usual, come with some great lessons and blessings.  Our hope is that these will be an encouragement for you to “seek the Kingdom of God above all else,” as we so imperfectly try to do. 

I remember last spring I verbalized the thought that maybe we should sell our house.  The house had been built for us 3 years prior and we loved it.  It was open and bright, we all had our own space, and we felt at home.  But the market was and is super strong, and it would allow us to capture the appreciation and buy some property away from all the busyness that has become Forney, TX. I mentioned it to the family, and it was received like ice on a sensitive tooth. So, I backed away and tucked it back in my mind for a later date.  

Fast forward to last fall and that feeling of transition settled in my heart.  I knew the Lord wanted to do something, but I was unsure of what it was at that point.  For the past 3 years, I had been walking through a season in life of getting healthy and establishing my identity in my heavenly Father after walking through some pretty toxic situations.  The Lord had used the people around me and the company I worked for to help me gain a confidence and an appreciation for how God made me and what He created me for, just like he does for each one of us.  I had just walked through a season that allowed me to explore my skill set, my gifts, the things I do not like to do and/or have no talent to do. That was a season I am eternally grateful for, and the many people I worked with…it was a significant blessing!  Looking back now, the Lord was getting ready to springboard our family into a season of operating within those strengths, taking lifelong lessons and applying them to our family. 

Last October, through a lot of prayer, we knew it was time to let the house go and sell it.  We knew it was a blessing from the Lord and needed to be obedient in using this tool to achieve the goals and mission he has called our family too. We walked out of the first weekend on the market with 7 offers and ended up closing about 30 days later.  It was a huge blessing but also where the struggle began for me.  I went, day after day, of doubting this was the right path.  I DID NOT want to let go of the house…I loved the house, had grown attached to it, felt like we were settled, and quite honestly it had become a source of pride for me.  Interesting enough this was not the struggle with Danielle, her struggle was probably dealing with my doubt which is unusual in these cases.  To make it more stressful and add to my doubt, closing continued to be moved back due to lender and buyer issues, but in the end the Lord had His way and we closed. 

We were able to quickly find a house to rent while we allow the Lord to show us the next step to take.  We hired a moving company, and the process went rather smoothly except for moving from a large new house to a smaller rental house that was not cared for as we do.  Honestly this is when we hit another valley in the path.  We had one day to get into the rental and clean…when Danielle walked in it reeked of animals and the upstairs carpet was literally greasy from someone’s pet.  Some tears and frustration later, the carpet was replaced, and the house was soooo much better.  There were other minor adjustments and struggles, but in the end the Lord was faithful as always.  

During this same time Danielle and I are establishing goals and setting the timeline to execute on those goals.  We knew job transition was coming and we did our best to establish what we thought was the appropriate path.  We had set three income goals over the next 12-14 months with the plan of me resigning from my job on December 31, 2022.  This would set a time limit for our family to execute on our goals and ensure we managed our family well financially, helping put us in a place where we were operating within the gifts and strengths of our family.  It was a solid plan, but was our plan, and not the Lord’s plan. 

Danielle had to remind me of a day in mid-November sometime where I out of the blue, like I often do, asked her a question, “what if I resign on December 31?” intentionally omitting the year and testing the waters for what her reaction would be.  This began a period of internal struggle for Danielle where she knew the Lord was doing something in our family, but she did not want to admit and follow the Lord’s plan for our family that maybe it was sooner than December 31, 2022. 

Blog 2 coming soon…



One thought on “Transition Coming…

  1. Bev May 11, 2022 / 11:42 pm

    Looking forward to the next part. I’m proud, that at your young ages, you’re letting God lead. It isn’t always easy, but, as I’m beginning to learn, at age 73, it is so much more worth it!! Love u all! A. Bev

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