Why Journey Like a Bos?  Yes, it is a play on words but it is our challenge.  For so many years I sought after the person that everybody else wanted me to be, often times missing the person God called me to be.  I would make excuses, frame the journey in a way that would please others, but never being honest with myself and what the Lord has called our family to.  We are called to make bold moves, challenge the norm, and live a little differently than what our society says is the right way.  It has taken me a long time to understand the only person I need to please is my Father in Heaven, the one who crafted me in His image, gave me breath, and created specific works for me to accomplish.  This is our journey, but I want to challenge you to find your journey, whatever that is!  Journey like a Smith, Journey like a Jones, Journey like a Johnson, Journey like a Brown, Journey like YOU and YOU ALONE!!!  God has called us to follow His path and only YOU and Him can discover that path.  Be bold, be brave, take a risk…it will pay off!

Love and Blessings,

The Bos Family

P.S. We want to pray for you, drop us a message.