His Perfect Plan

Our Father’s plans are perfect, and in His grace, He marched forward, even while I was off chasing a squirrel trying to make things happen. At the very same time, I was having a conversation with another company, one of the individuals that I wanted to work for from my journal entry on January 27. I look back now and see the fingerprints of God all over this thing, but I do not recall being that excited about the door opening up. In fact, I remember the first phone call he asked me where I was at and what my ideal position would be? My answer was incredibly vague and unsure, at least that was my memory of the conversation. There was a fear to speak out loud what I had written in my journal just a week before. I remember it ended with him telling me to think about it and get back with him if I was interested in pursuing more. In the end the Lord did His thing, and my confidence began to grow regarding what I had recorded in my journal.

Over the course of the next 3 weeks, we had additional conversations and on our last meeting he presented me with an offer letter. It was everything I had written down in my journal about a month prior. I remember getting off the phone with him and rereading the offer letter over and over again…sitting in amazement of our Father’s goodness. He has always been so faithful to Danielle’s and my imperfect attempt in our life to follow him faithfully in every step. Just three months earlier the Lord asked me to step away into the unknown and rely on him, I struggled and wrestled with the Lord over those months, He taught me so many lessons, and in the end blessed us immensely for our obedience.

I remember as soon I signed the letter, I took a picture of the journal entry and sent it to my faithful and good friend. The Lord had specifically told me to not speak with him about this transition because he was the president of the company, I had just signed the offer letter for. Our Father knew we would try to make something happen and absolutely did not want that to be the case. My friend immediately called me and we laughed together as the Lord had basically told him the exact same thing in early January, “Do not talk to Scott.” I recall verbalizing, then laughing, at how amazing it is that the Lord did not need our help at all in this situation, that He moved the mountain without us getting involved, with the exception of putting our faith in Him.

God does not need our help, he simply needs our obedience to His call. 

I hope this inspires you and is a blessing to you!

With much love,

Scott and Danielle

P.S. I am proofing this sitting in a restaurant on a business trip by myself. I am sitting in the middle of the restaurant with tears running down my face over the goodness of my Father. He is such a good Father, the best there ever was or will be. When we put our faith in Him, He responds with a love that we will never ever comprehend simply from an intellectual and logical perspective. This is where our feelings meet our Creator, and the overwhelming calling of the Holy Spirit draws us closer to our PAPA! He is a good, good Father. He is sovereign and we can trust Him!

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