Learning to Listen Better

When Danielle and I started our life together on July 10th 1999, we committed to follow the Lord wherever He took us. As many of you know that not so little commitment has meant a few moves and a little uncertainty. It has resulted in many people misunderstanding us and at the same time me struggling because I care a little too much what others think. Although that will most likely be a challenge I deal with the remaining years of my life, the Lord has brought me to a place where I know the only opinion that really matters, is His. He is my Rock and my Salvation and the majority of our listening energy needs to be turned towards Him.

Listening is a funny thing for me…I love to listen to people; allowing them the opportunity to be heard and valued. We all need more of that. But when it comes to listening to my Heavenly Father, I listen with the anticipation of a little boy opening up His first big present on Christmas…He opens it up and then forgets there is more! When I hear the Lord, I stop listening and get to work. In doing so I may miss anything else He has for me until a later date.

I was praying at church this morning for a few hours. His challenge to me was to shut up and simply listen. Read his word, sit in silence, and just listen for His voice. Do you know how hard it is for me to sit still for 10 minutes, let alone 2 hours to LISTEN??? As soon as I heard a word, or read something significant my mind immediately went to what can I do with this little piece of wisdom? Then I remembered, stop, continue to read, and keep listening.

This season of the journey starts with listening; listening to what the Father says through His Word, listening to what the Holy Spirit is speaking and listening to what the world needs…a Savior who can remove all fear of death and uncertainty.

The challenge….

What is the Bible saying to you? Are you reading it?

What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you? If you put your faith in Jesus, then the Holy Spirit dwells in you and longs to commune with you…just listen.

What is the world saying to you? Remember we typically act out when we are scared, hurt, lonely, and desperate for help. Our world is experiencing the symptoms of an orphan spirit…it needs the Love of the Father that is in you.

In John 7:24 Jesus said this…”Look below the surface so you can judge accordingly”. Just like judging, listening goes far deeper than the surface. We can only listen when we go below the surface, and look at the heart of the matter. That is why the Father hears and listens perfectly…because He knows our heart.

Father, open the ears of your people, take the scales off our eyes, help us to see the ripe fields ready for harvest and most of all…help us to fully listen and boldly take the step you call us to take today!



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