Welcome to our journey. Danielle has often said that she believes our family is called to live life differently. It is true, we have lived a rather unconventional life where we have done everything we can to pursue the call our Heavenly Father has for us. As we walk into this next season, we believe we are being called to take that principle to the next level. What does that mean? Plainly, we do not know or even vaguely understand what it looks like. What we do know is life will look different and we will have many opportunities to grow in faith and service. We are going to learn how to nurture our desire and dreams to start our own businesses, support and serve one another in our dreams and aspirations in a greater capacity, and most importantly be able to serve and love the people around us in a more significant way. It is our hope that we will meet some awesome people along the way, inspire the dreams and passions in others, and selfishly… it is our prayer that we will grow in our own personal faith, stretching ourselves and relying on our Heavenly Father for our provision.

“Come, follow me”

– Jesus

There is a deep desire within us, one that is woven into the very fabric of my DNA, that longs to live as the first Apostles did. The one that prompted the disciples to drop everything when Jesus looked them in the eye, put His hand out and said, “Come, follow me.” That is our calling, to follow Him, wherever He wants to take us…

– Scott and Danielle

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