Making Time for Memories…

Since we live in the frozen tundra known as Texas…I know for all my family and friends in Michigan you laugh at me for making that statement, but literally we have nothing to move the snow or melt the ice. So it simply compacts on the road and makes for a nice layer of, smooth as glass, ice.

This morning we ventured out on the ice rink (aka the road) and tried to find a restaurant that refused to close so we could get coffee and some breakfast. After driving past our favorite spot we found a business that has graciously given us a free coffee subscription for the past 4 months. We slowly parked the truck, carefully got out, and proceeded to shuffle across the second ice rink (aka the parking lot) into the restaurant. We ordered our food and sat down in some nice comfortable chairs for a morning of coffee, bagels, and Mad Libs…let the fun begin.

As Riley (female person in the room) and Sidney (female person in the room) enjoyed their beverages and crunchy (adjective) cinnamon (noun) bagels (plural noun), Danielle (female person in the room) and Scott (male person in the room) enjoyed their yummy (adjective) avocado (noun), tomato (noun), spinach (noun), and egg white (noun) breakfasty (silly adjective) sandwiches (noun), oh and hot (adjective) coffee (noun) too. While we enjoyed our breakfast, we decided to rewrite the History of the World, as is so popular to do today…enjoy the highlights of this ridiculously (adverb) enjoyable (adjective) morning (time of day) with my crazy (adjective) family (noun).

At one time man walked on four feet (Part of the body, plural), spoke in violent (adjective) grunts, and did not know how to make a nice fire. Here is the story of the day that changed mankind forever (translated from the fat (adjective) cave-speak).

Caveman #1: It’s colder than Rome (a place) in this cave. Even my warmest platypus (animal) fur won’t keep my finger nail (part of the body) from shivering.

Caveman #2: If only there was a way to make the cold toilet (noun) warmer. (shockingly true! if only the Bos Proverbs had been written yet…”blessed is the second person to use the toilet in the winter months” – Scott Bos)

…a few boring lines later

Caveman #1: We shall call this magical flaming poop (noun) fire!”

The end

-The Bos Family

More Historical Facts…

Benjamin Franklin was not only a founding pickle (noun) of the United States…

Johannes Gutenberg was a German booger (noun) who invented the printing press…

Thomas Edison was a cranky (adjective) inventor…

-The Bos Family

And a few more facts…

“That’s right: Earth is shaped like a stubborn (adjective) ball! For as long as any turd (noun) can remember, it has been widely believed that the Earth is as flat as a Bagel (noun).”

-The Bos Family

This is evidence of two things. #1, If you make time as a family, there is joy to be found even when it is tough to get around and you may be stuck at home or in our case, within a mile of home. And #2, even in a family full of girls and 1 boy, it is evident that the mind of a boy will influence the minds of the more polished and proper girls. I promise all the adjectives related to…you know, poop and boogers, was not all me! haha.

Seriously, stop being so busy and take the time to spend with your family. You will NEVER regret spending quality time with your spouse and your kids…Danielle, Riley, and Sidney are my favorite people in the world, I love them with a my mushy (adjective) heart, and I do not take these times for granted because we simply do not know what tomorrow brings.

Have a little fun, laugh often, smile, and give each other hugs.



Note: since we (Danielle 99.9%) homeschool our girls, this 100% counts as an English refresher.

One thought on “Making Time for Memories…

  1. Janet SElgersma February 4, 2022 / 5:38 pm

    😆. Thank you for sharing laughter and your family time! ❤️



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