Railroad tracks

Transition is a strange thing.  Something I have learned over the years is we must do everything we can to walk through transition well, but be cognizant of the fact we will be blindsided by new things during transition.  What does this look like in a practical sense for me?  I can easily allow people and/or circumstances to justify the transition, when in fact it is simply the path the Lord wants our family to go down.

Over the last few months I have allowed myself to get absorbed into the lives of some Old Testament people living in change.  One specific story has been floating around in my brain; Saul and David.  Two individuals who handled transition in a completely opposite manner.  David walked closely with God, honoring Saul, a man created in God’s image (not necessarily living that way).  David was anointed as king, while King Saul was still on the throne.  Could David have raised an army and overthrown the Kingdom, easily justifying his actions?  Absolutely, but instead he made the decision to harm no hair on Saul’s head.  On the flip side, Saul allowed God’s transition to consume him.  He wanted to maintain control of something he was NEVER meant to control…and it drove him completely mad.  To the point of allowing hate and vengeance to fill his heart, ultimately taking his life.

I went into Spring Break this year praying for some very specific things.  One being, I wanted the Lord to completely take over the development of my weekly messages for Daybreak’s students.  I had felt like I developed some patterns in my message prep that were too rigid; not allowing the Lord to speak.  I came out of spring break with Him telling me to resign!!!  What was that?  At first I tried to justify the transition and I pointed it towards my need to spend more time with my family and to operate in my God-given talents.  Yet, the reality of it was, that was simply my attempt to justify a transition that God was orchestrating.

My tendency once I feel transition, is to quickly go to work on figuring out what is going on.  I love the beginnings of transition, but once I know transition is on the horizon I constantly seek out a plan that will restore everything back to a previously comfortable place.  A good business plan and strategy gets my blood flowing, but I can allow my desire to control and shape things to blind me from the move of our sovereign Father.  Now He is teaching me to let go of the things I find security in and rely on Him completely, my true source.  A good plan is Biblical, but always make the plan flexible enough to be altered by our loving Father.

What is on the other side of this transition?  I don’t know and believe it or not, I am good with that.  Where am I going to work?  I don’t know.  Where am I going to serve the Lord?  In Texas.  How?  I have some ideas but, I am convinced that He will reveal His plan as I need it.  I am on a mission, and that mission is to follow my Father wherever He wants me…to step away from the head of the table and to pick up the cloth and the wash basin (Gene Wilkes, Jesus on Leadership).

Here is my challenge today…what are you hanging onto?  Let it go; surrender it to the One who knows best.

Love and Blessings,


The Beginning of a New Season

When I am in the midst of a changing season, my brain is continually absorbing and processing information in a way that causes me to not communicate the events very clearly and timely to the people around me.  I have been blessed with amazing family and friends who deserve the opportunity to hear the stories of the journey.  This blog is my desire and the way by which I can communicate what we are visibly walking through and what I am internally processing.  I will intentionally be leaving out personal details, because those are things the world does not need to know, but besides that, my life is an open book.  It is my hope that those reading will be encouraged by the blessings and the challenges of this journey.

Our journeys begin long before we are born.  It began in a garden thousands of years ago with the creation of Adam and Eve.  The truths that I rely on are…

  • I (we are) am created is God’s image (Gen 1:26)
  • I am (we are) worth dying for (John 3:16,17)
  • I have (we have) a specific purpose in God’s magnificent and perfect plan (Ephesians 2:10)
  • I am (we are) my Father’s son (Romans 8:14-17)
  • I am (we are) the Salt and Light of this world (Matthew 5:13-16)
  • I am (we are) rooted and continually built up in Christ (Colossians 2:7)


The circumstances of life, whether good or bad, are what God uses to mould and shape us into who we are and who we are called to be today.  Not all of us are called to take significant risk and move our families half way across the country, but that is what Danielle and I have been called to do.  If people do not agree, that is not by burden to bear, I am only responsible for what the Lord puts in front of me and my family.  But my challenge to those around me will always be to rise up to a new level and operate within the gifts and skill sets God has blessed you with.  Do not worry about what others around you are doing, but set your eyes on what God has called you to do and GO!

We are a few months into this journey at this point.  Soon, I will back up to the beginning of this season and share the stories of struggle, grace, and the direction that has come from God challenging our family to pursue His purposes.

If you ever have questions, concerns, or just need prayer reach out and comment.

With Love and Blessings,