Day 1 – Assessing Needs and Distributing Goods

All I can say is pictures will never do justice to what we saw today…
Our day started out at a military compound in Freetown where multiple NGO’s were setting up tents and preparing to distribute water, food, blankets etc. Although the human spirit of competition comes out at times, this is truly an amazing opportunity to see organizations work together. It was not uncommon to see Saidu (WHI’s on the ground lead in Sierra Leone) talking with the site leader for UNICEF. They all know their strengths and they support each other where they are strong.

One of the first things Harvey and I were able to participate in was the distribution of balankets. Unfortunately, at the compound there were about 30+ kids who were orphaned or displaced due to flooding. The amazing thing is Daybreak people provided 35 blankets and there was 34 households represented by the children. How awesome is that Daybreakers!!! We also bought some candy at the market and handed it out to the kids. That brings a universal joy to children wherever you are. All I could do is just pray over the kids as we put items in theirs hands, because no word was going to help.

After that distribution we headed out into the field to pass out water filters with an old friend Alfred. This was an amazing experience, as this team has to discern where the actual need is and who is simply trying to get a handout. I watched Alfred multiple times assess his surroundings and know whether there was need or not. Alfred and Jennifer were great leaders and teachers in the field. They would both educate how to use the filters and take care of them long term. The thing I love about WHI is they are in the field, putting there eyes on the need, and this drastically reduces waste.

From there, we came back to the distribution area and observed the WHI team train on the filters. I was able to walk around and interact, getting many pictures. For those of you who have been here and have not, this is a picture you would see on the news…many people, NGO tents all around taking care people’s needs, and water tanks scattered throughout. Pretty well organized with a lot of emotions as you can imagine.  

One last thing on the agenda for the day…Saidu wanted to take us to ground zero of the mudslide. There really is nothing that can prepare you for or explain what this kind of site looks like. Mud, rock, and water in massive quantities are not selective. They destroy everything in its path and 20 yards outside its path. There were boulders in this mess that were 40 feet across, no exaduration. Rocks were thrown through roofs that now looked like Swiss cheese…it was sheer devastation for anything in its path. 

I have taken many pictures, which I will share in time. Right now our wifi signal is limited and text is best.  

What do they need? Prayer! They need The peace of Jesus. And honestly, the love of the Father comes in the form of resources. If you have never been to the World Hope International website, do it now and see how you can help them. They are an amazing organization ran by amazing people!



Author: Scott Bos

I am son of a Father who loves me unconditionally and whose grace is abounding.  I know this because my journey is full of mistakes and missteps, yet He continues to pick me up, dust me off, and set me on the correct path again.  He has blessed me with an amazing family, a wife whom I love dearly and who loves me in the midst of my flaws, and two beautiful daughters.  We believe our family has been called to live life a little differently; we do not need much to live, be content, and joyful.  In order to live with contentment and joy we have made the decision to put our trust in our Heavenly Father and not the things of this world.  That is our path and this blog is our journey to Living Purposefully.

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