We Have Landed

Coming into Sierra Leone was a little different experience this time. I left Dallas, Harvey left Grand Rapids and we met in Minneapolis. From there we went through Paris to Freetown. We landed in the light, approximately 6:05 pm local time. Customs went smoothly and we picked up all 9 bags seamlessly. We are extremely thankful we did not fly Brussels Air today, because they are dealing with an employee strike right now. What does that mean? Well, those fortunate people flying Brussels Air into Freetown today arrived with no bags. Thank you Jesus for Air France:)
One of the first things I noticed was how wet everything is. It is obvious it is the rainy season and you can understand the flooding and land slides that have occurred. We will see the extent of that tomorrow and I will share what we encounter.

Our friend Salifu, from WHI picked us up from the airport. For those of you on the trip in May, we had lunch with Salifu at Bashar in Freetown. It is always good to see a friendly and familiar face when you arrive here. Salifu has a great smile and is such a welcoming man. We loaded our bags and headed east about 9 miles to a vehicle/cargo ferry. As I typed right now we are rolling in the waves and I am wondering if I should have brought some Dramamine. Oh well, too late now. Here is an interesting fact, it cost 55,000 ($6.75) Leones per vehicle for the ferry. The people ferry on the other side of the airport is about 300,000 Leones per person ($40). All I will say is a ferry ride in the dark with very few lights to see where you are going, is an act of faith.

I am using Salifu’s hotspot right now and I am unsure if we will have wifi where we are staying tonight, so I will cut it short. Praise the Lord Harvey and I made it safety, all of our bags made it, and Lord willing we will get to sleep soon in a horizontal position. Thank you for all the prayers.

Much love,


Author: Scott Bos

I am son of a Father who loves me unconditionally and whose grace is abounding.  I know this because my journey is full of mistakes and missteps, yet He continues to pick me up, dust me off, and set me on the correct path again.  He has blessed me with an amazing family, a wife whom I love dearly and who loves me in the midst of my flaws, and two beautiful daughters.  We believe our family has been called to live life a little differently; we do not need much to live, be content, and joyful.  In order to live with contentment and joy we have made the decision to put our trust in our Heavenly Father and not the things of this world.  That is our path and this blog is our journey to Living Purposefully.

One thought on “We Have Landed”

  1. Scott and Harvey…thanks for sharing your journey as it feels like I am with you-!! Love you guys and thanks for your efforts.


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